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Images taken of Astronomical Objects as a natural extension to my Landscape and Fine Art work.
Please note that images in the slide shows on web sites may not be correct as only some colour information is used, so speeding up the slide show.
Similarly all of the images in this gallery are uploaded, smaller in size and with a reduced color range so they can be viewed on a variety of computers and devices.

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Comet Hartley and Meteor passing through PerseusCygnus nebulas.Full Moon and Jupiter, in conjunction.Moon, First quarter.New Moon at DaneburyMilky way from a back gardenSpiral Galaxy M33 in the Ocean of SpaceSummer Triangle, and Milky WayMilky Way rising over Ringstead BayMilky Way around Cygnus rift.M42 and M43M45 - PleiadesA section of CygnusComet LovejoyVeil Nebula, Cygnus Constellation.Comet Catalina in Ursa MajorMilkyway with meteorNebula in CygnusM101Eclipse of moon Sept15