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Water is a fascinating subject to me particularly as it is so challenging. Is it still or in spate? Is it ice, water, mist, boiling, aerated and bubbly or transparent and mirror like. It requires a physicality to take images of fifty foot seas perched on the cliffs above them, and yet a subtlety and patience to capture water at its most mercurial or diamond like. Photographing water takes us to the limits of our technique and our often our equipment beyonds its limits.

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Keywords:Waves, flows, reflections, rivulets, streams, waterfalls

Bedruthian StepsReflections in the "llyn" or "lake" at Cwm IdwalEarly morning in Cwm IdwalRiver in spateDart ReflectionsAfter the stormElan valley in evening lightRed rocks of the Elan valley accentuate the red evening lightElan valleyBlue LiasReflections in timeViolent SeaQuicksilver fallsInto the westRainbow fallsReflections in a tarn