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Photographs which may be illustrative for subject matter that might be considered Science or Technical, hopefully containing aesthetic qualities.

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Best Nebula in Orion, The most photogenic constellationClose up of Nebula in the Milky way near DenebComet Hartley (Main)CometHartleyCygnus, North Amercan NebulaLunar Eclipse 2007M31 Andromeda GalaxyM42- Orion Nebula v4Milky Way containing Cygnus riftMilky Way from Hampshire GardenMilky way from near CasseopiaMoonv3Nebula in the Milky way near Cygnus.Nebulosity in PleiadesNebulosity in PleiadesOrion emerges out of the mistPelican Nebula on the edge of the Cygnus riftPleiades (Seven Sisters)RSO - AndromedaRSO - Dust Lanes in Andromeda Galaxy